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Weight Loss Motivation in Five Points - Raleigh, NC

Weight Loss Motivation Five Points - Raleigh, NC

Science tells you that losing weight is simple: just take in fewer calories than you burn. While that is factually true, keeping your weight loss motivation can be challenging when faced with temptation, busy schedules, and days when you just don't feel like working out.

Experts say that ups and downs on your weight loss journey are normal—you just can't hang on to them for longer than a day or two before you need to get back on track.

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Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Here are some weight loss motivation tips you might want to consider:

  • Focus on the “feel good”. Instead of focusing on the scale's numbers and what you have to do to see it drop, try focusing on how you feel after eating a healthy meal or finishing an energizing workout. Keep your mind on those positive good feelings and you'll want to do more.
  • Set goals. Setting a goal can give you a clear point to work toward. When you set weight loss goals, keep them realistic so you don't feel discouraged. Remember that losing weight takes time. Write your goal down and post it in a place where you will see it often. You may also want to try sharing this goal with a friend or setting up a little competition to see who can lose the most weight.
  • Don't look at models. Believe it or not, posting those magazine photos of chiseled bodies all over your treadmill may not be as motivating as you might think. Researchers in Europe found that study participants who looked at images of very fit models became discouraged with their fitness progress more easily than those who did not.
  • Reward, don't punish. Providing steady rewards is a great way to stay motivated. You may still plan a large goal—like a vacation or trip to the spa for a specific point in your weight loss, but don't be afraid to reward yourself with fun activities. Losing weight is a journey, not a punishment.

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

If you need daily weight loss motivation, there are plenty of options. One of the easiest and cheapest ideas is to buddy up with a friend or family member to whom you can be accountable. Call each other, work out together, share your frustrations and successes. Above all, just keep moving.

You may want to check out one of a variety of apps you can download to your phone or other mobile device for motivational quotes, fitness tracking, dieting and more.

To learn more about how to get motivated to lose weight: call (919) 301-0841 or contact Family Wellness Clinic & Regenesis MD online.

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